Our nation’s economic strength and competitiveness depends on a safe, efficient, sustainable, and secure freight transportation system.  Whether it is moving coal from  Powder River Basin in Wyoming, to Atlanta, GA or tennis shoes from China to NewYork, the system must provide for the reliable, flexible and economic movement of goods from diverse array of sources.  In 2002, over 18 billion tons of commodities worth over $13 trillion were transported in the United States.  This works out to the 325 pounds of freight moved daily for every citizen of the United States.

The freight shipping service industry includes about 100,000 for-hire carriers and 350,000 owner-operators using a commercial motor vehicle with a combined annual revenue of $200 billion.  The industry is fragmented where the 50 largest companies account for less than 30 percent of the market.  The profitability of the individual companies depend on efficient operations.


Small companies have advantage over large companies by providing quick turnaround services, however, they are not able too compete with large companies that have advantages in economies of scale, account relationship, bulk fuel pricing, fleet size, and access to drivers.


The RideBidz suite of applications provide small companies the competitive advantages that large companies have enjoyed for years.  Not only does our proprietary software streamline operations, our software provides shippers with a platform that connects them to a nationwide fleet of drivers and shippers, track loads from origin to destination in real tie, and increase profits.  Proprietary search and load algorithms are always looking for a load for carriers in order to maximize carriers’ efficiency by minimizing or elimination empty back hauls, reduced wait times, easy payments, and route optimization.

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President / Investor Relations

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Chief Operating Officer

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